Image of a group of men and women who play Blind Tennis
Image of a group of people at the inaugural Perth Cup standing behind a Tennis Australia sign

Aiming to increase the opportunity for sport and recreation offerings to the blind low vision community of Western Australia, Blind Sports WA, Tennis West, Tennis Australia, and a number of local coaches and clubs, have banded together to bring tennis to those who are blind or of low vision. 

The game of tennis for blind and low vision participants is usually played on a standard tennis court using modified racquets and balls. 

The adapted sponge ball makes a noise when it bounces and are usually black or florescent yellow to give maximum contrast against the colour of the court. Depending on the participants blind or low vision classification* the rules of the game may vary. If the player is totally blind then three bounces are permitted, whilst partial sight allows for just two. 

Just like standard tennis, both singles and doubles are played.

Check our details on our website: Blind and Low Vision Tennis

For more information contact: 

Paula Gates

Club Development Officer (Metro North) and Inclusion Lead