About Us

Who we are

We actively encourage and nurture affiliated organisations. and work to build capacity, provide support for participation in accessible sports, and increase people’s inclusion in the community to promote health and well-being. We believe that every vision-impaired person in WA should have the opportunity to choose a sport that is right for them.

BSWA is part of Blind Sports Australia (BSA), a national sporting organisation for blind and vision-impaired sports.  BSA help create pathways and opportunities for blind sports participation from a grassroots community level, right up to elite competitions at national and international levels.

BSWA facilitates and supports several sports in WA that have either been specifically designed for blind and visually impaired people or have been modified so that the sports are accessible.

Our impact

Organised, well-structured sports and on-going physical activities can provide many benefits. Participating in sport is proven to increase health and wellbeing. Sport reduces the risk of chronic health conditions and helps people maintain a healthy weight.

It is well known that participating in sport leads to better health and social outcomes.

Playing sport builds a person’s capacity and gives them a sense of belonging and is integral for a person’s participation in community. Many athletes do better academically, have great problem-solving skills have a more positive outlook on life, have higher self-esteem and develop self-confidence.

 Our dream...

Living with sight loss can be a challenge, especially for children, and we understand how important it is to remain independent. We help build confidence, skills and freedom in order for blind and vision impaired people to achieve the future they strive for through practical and friendly support, enabling them to live their lives to the full.


Transport remains one of the biggest barriers to independence and social interaction for vision impaired people, and none more so than our children and young people.


For our members, having a minibus to provide a safe and comfortable journey to and from these sports and recreation activities is paramount. Currently our members rely on public transport, help from their families or have to pay for taxis, ride-share or paying a support worker to take them to their chosen sport. Often people do not have the funds to use to pay for their transport. This means that they do not participate in sport and recreation activities and are often isolated in their homes.


Our objective is to purchase a new or near new min-bus that volunteers can drive with a standard driving licence.




The key benefits for our members by having a minibus to travel in are:


How can you help?

Your generous donations can help transform the lives of people who are blind and vision impaired in Western Australia by giving them an opportunity to increase their confidence and build the skills that are pivotal to their development and life experience. Please help us by making a donation via the Australian Sports Foundation

Image of a white 12 seater minibus