AFL Blind

Image of three women and three men AFL football players holding aloft the Summer 2022 Premiership Cup

What is WA Blind AFL?

WA Blind AFL is a football program delivered by the WA All Abilities Football Association for participants who have a vision impairment and want to play AFL football.

When and where are games played?

a. Legally Blind; and

b. 13 years or older

Evidence of Vision Loss

Evidence of being legally blind needs to be sent to AFL Victoria’s Disability Program Manager. Appropriate evidence which will be accepted, only need to send one, in order of preference:

1. The Companion Card – Highlighting the condition ‘Blind’

2. Travel Pass Card – Highlighting the condition ‘Blind’

3. Ophthalmologist Report – Highlighting less than 10% vision, or/and less than 20% peripheral vision

If you don’t meet the above criteria, however, would like to be considered to play, please contact WA All Abilities Football Asssociation’s Executive Officer to discuss making a submission for consideration.

For more information contact: Mr Hayden Marchetto