Image of a group of the 2022 WA Goalball players wearing their yellow and black uniforms holding up the West Australian Flag
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Goalball is the only sport specifically designed for people with a Vision Impairment. Goalball is a Paralympic team sport played indoors by athletes with Vision Impairment.

The object of the game is to roll the ball into the opponent’s goal while the opposing players try to block the ball with their bodies. Bells inside the ball help orientate the players by indicating the direction of the oncoming ball. Everyone wears eye shades so everyone is equal on court.


Goalball is an exciting competitive team sport that can be played socially by anyone over the age of 6 years old.

Goalball in Western Australia has local and national pathways for all players who participate. Blind or Vision Impaired players can follow development pathways to play nationally and internationally.

Our Program:


Juniors 6 - 14 years 10.30-12 pm

Youth 15 - 19 years 12-2 pm

Senior 20+ years 2-4 pm


Youth & Seniors Development Squads

5.30-8.00 pm


Handa Hall, VisAbility

Kitchener Road, Victoria Park

WA Goalball is growing and needs more players to join our teams.

Come and try this awesome sport. The season runs from February to October.

Contact us through email: wagoalball@gmail.com

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