Ballroom Dancing


Image of two couples ballroom dancing with broad smiles on their faces

Vision Impaired Dance Classes

Vision Impaired Dance classes are a fun, social way to help you improve fitness, posture and exercise both your body and mind to great music in a social environment. Ballroom Fit will be teaching all the popular Ballroom Dances including the Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Tango and Waltz.  For Vision Impaired Dance classes the leader and follower communicate with each other through touch and weight transfer. Dancers take cues through physical connection, with the leader using it to communicate to the leader just as the follower uses it to suggest feedback.

The dance classes start with everyone in a circle doing some warm up exercises. In an hour long session participants will take part in up to three different styles of ballroom dance. Each one is performed to music. At the end of the session there are some cool down exercises.

This class is suitable for any age, gender or race.

Dancing is for everyone!

Group Class

Where: VisAbility, 61 Kitchener Avenue, Victoria Park

When: Tuesday 6pm to 7pm

Cost: $17 per class, support workers free


Where: Mandurah Bowling Club, 89 Allnutt Street, Mandurah

When: Wednesday 6pm to 7pm

Cost: $17 per class, support workers free

Private lessons

Where: Various locations in Perth, Rockingham and Mandurah metro areas

When: At a time that suits you

Cost: Starting at $55 for half an hour