Committee Member Role Description and Duties


The role of a committee member (ordinary member) elected to represent on the Committee is to provide support to the General Committee ensuring that it sets and meets its goals and objectives and is administered according to the Constitution Rules and completes all legal and compliance obligations. 


A Committee members responsibilities are wide and varied and may include, but certainly not limited too.
• Participate in meetings; 
• Voting on key directions and decisions addressed by the committee;
• ensuring the association is run according to its rules and any other strategic plan that has been agreed to; 
• Support the office holders with various operational duties in an officer capacity. For instance, membership officer, grants, or fundraising officer. 

•  Assisting in resolving disputes and grievances; 
• initiating projects; 
• overseeing activities and projects; and 
• representing the Association at external meetings and events 

role of a Committee Member    


Committee members generally contribute to the development, definition and delivery of Blind Sports WA’s activities and responsibilities: 

Participating in Meetings 

Attending and actively participating and contributing to Committee meetings is a core function of a Committee Member. 

Essential Skills and Requirements 


General Committee members are expected to: 

If at any stage the Committee Member   becomes aware of a personal conflict of interest, real or perceived between themselves and Blind Sports WA they should immediately notify the Chairperson of the conflict who will immediately inform all other Committee members. 


For additional information on the roles and responsibilities of a committee Member, please refer to the Blind Sports WA rules of association.